In recent times we have seen a lot of activity in keywords ranking on Google search engine. I have personally observed many websites which were ranking high on page 1 of Google and have faced a sudden drop in their rankings.
Many web masters are searching for an answer to this problem. I have carried a detailed analysis to understand some of the Google algorithm updates and have compiled a list of factors which may answer these queries:
“Content is the backbone of a website”; this is what Google has emphasized through Panda update. The mandate is clear; you need to provide latest, unique and quality information to website visitors. If your website is showcasing junky content, be prepared to face the music, there is every chance that Google will penalize it sooner or later.
It is imperative for any webmaster to understand penguin update, who wishes to succeed in their online website promotion campaign.
As part of Penguin update, Big G penalizes websites which have “Spammy Backlinks”. Now the big question is how to determine whether a backlink is “SPAMMY”?
To identify the nature of a backlink, you need to understand factors which can determine the value of a backlink:

  • PageRank: Big G uses PageRank as an algorithm to measure the importance of a website page. Higher the PageRank of a web page more is the value that it will hold in the eyes of Google. Therefore it is of real benefit to have high pagerank backlinks built for your website.
  • Attribute of Backlink: A hyperlink can have two attribute, “dofollow” and “nofollow”. Nofollow is a hyperlink value that tells search engines not to pass on the credibility or influence to an outbound link. Dofollow is a hyperlink value which gives your website credit for the link. As a webmaster search for high pagerank backlinks with dofollow attribute.
  • Number of outbound links present on backlink page which are pointing to other websites: This is really important; many a times there are pages/websites which are created specifically for creating backlinks to other websites. If Big G identifies such a website they penalize it and in turn treat links from these websites as “Spammy” As a webmaster look for high pagerank backlinks from pages with low number of outbound links.
  • Domain age of the Backlink: It is always safe to have a backlink profile from aged domains. As they have an established credibility in the eyes of search engines. Supply your website with high pagerank backlinks from established web domains.
    Every webmaster should periodically check the backlink profile of their website and carry a cleanup activity to stay free of such penalization.


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