Common SEO Mistakes | WEBSEOBUY

Do you want every effort of yours to hit the target?

Hello everyone my name is Peter and I am a digital marketing expert currently working with WEBSEOBUY a unit of Estiron LLC. In this episode of WEBGURU we will be highlighting common SEO mistakes which most webmasters commit while running their SEO campaigns. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in business online publicity, therefore it is important that SEO should be implemented in the right manner. Google takes various factors in consideration like domain age, unique content, quality links etc to evaluate a website.

Google keeps updating its algorithm frequently as SEO is very detailed as well as complicated. There are numerous SEO myths; therefore it is very difficult to understand what is really true. Having said that as per my experience following are the common SEO mistakes:-

Duplicate Content: Many webmasters copy content from others websites or target similar topic with just variation of keywords.  Writing similar content may result in search engine penalty, so it is important to showcase unique content targeting relevant keywords instead of having too many pages with duplicate content.

Leaving title tags blank: Most webmasters leave title tags blank or automated by system. Not defining tags correctly may hamper your visibility on search engines. Try including a little about what you have written in the content as the title. Also do not forget to use your target keywords in the title; this will have a favorable impact on your search engine visibility.

Laying emphasis on looks rather than on content: In SEO HTML content ratio is given due importance. A good HTML content ratio varies between 25 to 70%, therefore it is always advisable to showcase quality content on your website.

Pagerank is important in the eyes of search engines, because of this reason most webmasters run after it. However webmasters should also focus on other factors such as return on investment and analytics. Google provides analytic tool where you can track your campaign, find customers who have shown interest in your products/services, get real time report of who was viewing your website etc.

Friends there is no proven way to optimize your website however there are many useful methods you can use. There is always something new to learn in SEO therefore make sure to keep yourself up to date about what’s new in the market.

Thank you and we look forward to see you in our next episode.


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