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JENNY: My name is Jenny! I have here with me Peter; a digital marketing expert from Estiron LLC. Welcome to the first episode of WEB GURU. In this episode we will discuss the role of website content and its significance for promotion of your online business.Peter will share the guidelines which should be used for creation of quality content.

Hello Peter!

Welcome to the show!

PETER:Thanks Jenny!!

It’s my pleasure to be a part of this series. I am looking forward to add value and provide answer to questions which people usually have.


Let’s get started!

Q. Can you tell us what role does quality content play for website promotion?

PETER: “Pen is mightier than the Sword”; This holds very true in the digital scenario. As per the current algorithms applicable to search engines website content holds top priority for your business online visibility. The more latest and unique information you will provide on your website to the visitors the more it will be appreciated. Content is the most crucial factor which can convert visitors to customers.

JENNY: Interesting!! How frequently do we need to update content of our website?

PETER: From a Search engine optimization perspective it is important to add new pages and update existing pages once every few weeks. Frequent updation of quality rich unique content holds high importance in the eyes of Search engines.

JENNY: Can you give us some useful tips which we should keep in mind while drafting content for our website?

PETER: To get best results it is always advisable to use the services of an expert as the search engine algorithms are very dynamic, however there are some basic factors which one must keep in mind while drafting the content.These will be uniqueness of content, inclusion of target keywords, showcasing relevant and targeted information.In addition to this one should make an effort to maintain a healthy keyword density and appropriate positioning of keywords.

JENNY: What according to you is a healthy keyword count on a web page?

PETER: There is no ideal figure to the number of times a keyword be used on a web page.  Having said that it is important to focus on relevance of keyword in the content.  Your content should be natural, informative and should focus on the keyword which you are targeting to rank high on search engines.

JENNY: Where on a page should the keyword appear?

PETER: Try to use the keyword in key places like URL, title and H1 tags, meta description, image files, first sentence of the paragraph. This will ensure appropriate keyword visibility.

JENNY: Ok, so what content writing services does your company offer?

PETER: Our team of experts translates your ideas into words providing informative, content rich and search engine friendly services. We have technical experts from all major industry domains such as tourism, automobile, medical, finance etc who come up with quality whitehat content for your business.Our aim is not only high keyword rankings on search engines we also target high business conversion rate for our customers.

JENNY: Great!!

So in case any of our viewers want to avail expert content writing services do visit and team Estiron will ensure that your business gets the visibility that it deserves.

Once again thanks everyone for being such a great audience and we will be soon back with some more questions on digital marketing services in our next episode!

Good Bye!!

Article Reference : Content Writing Services | High Pagerank Backlinks


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